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New Domains are Coming, Apply & Grab Your Domain Now

Hi! we recently got an email to us according to which New Domain Extensions are being launched this month. there are many to choose from and get your desired one as soon as possible to increase your Web Presence and thus increasing your Business.

According to the E-mail New gTLDs are here!

ICANN’s new gTLD program is undoubtedly the biggest revolution in the internet industry till date. With 45 new gTLDs ready to be launched in their Sunrise Period on 16th January, 2014, there are some truly exciting times ahead!


 What you can do with these for your Business?

For domain names with trademarked phrases, registrations will require ‘signed mark data’ (SMD) file that trademark holders must get by registering their domain names with ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse. This same SMD file can be used across all TLDs, for a particular set of names.

The Company’s that hold registered trademarks can apply for domains in the above listed name spaces. Domain names applied for in Sunrise will be allocated at the end of phase, multiple valid applicants for the same name may go to auction. To know more about the Sunrise Period, please contact us.

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